walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Halfway to the Grave_, Jeaniene Frost

I've suspected for a while that quite a lot of paranormal romance was about authors with Extremely Religious Backgrounds working through some of their Issues. With Feehan, for example, there are a lot of thematic elements that SCREAM mormon. I could go on, but why?

Frost supports the thesis. Thoroughly. Cat (Catherine Kathleen or something like that) is the child of a human woman raped by a relatively new (and therefore still carrying around sperm) vampire. Born at 5 months fully formed with weird powers, Cat's mum never let her forget what she was, or that vampires are Teh Evil. So, one day, after a painful defloration experience, she decides to do something about it: Kill Teh Evil. No, not herself; that'd be a very short book and wouldn't have the requisite Happily Ever After that is the ONE aspect of the romance genre that Shall Never Be Violated.

After offing a dozen or so vampires, she bites, er, off more than she can chew with Bones, aka Crispin, who has her number. Bones thinks she is HAWT and offers her a deal: I won't kill you if you train with me and we'll go kill Teh Evil Vampires (as distinct from the neutral-to-good vampires) together. After a while, Cat realizes maybe she's kinda ignorant and bigoted. The Plot involves a vamp/human conspiracy to disappear young women into a rape/suck/etc. ring (what the evangelicals have always loved to get worked up about: nubile young women being trafficked.). It's not much of a plot, and is strung along primarily by Cat inadvertently killing (repeatedly) the vamp they need to tell them who the next guy up the chain is. This enables the even thinner device of Cat-as-bait to be played out repeatedly.


Moderately entertaining. First book in a series. If you don't normally care for romance, but like paranormal fantasy, this is _NOT_ your book. If you don't normally care for paranormal fantasy, but do like romance, this is _NOT_ your book. But if you like paranormal fantasy romance, this might while away an hour or two while you wait for Kim Harrison or Maryjanice Davidson or whoever to write another book you are excited about.

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