walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

about that hotel

I will leave the hotel nameless, at least for now. Maybe when we leave (which could conceivably be soon), I'll let it drop, or if we have a good stay, I'll put in a word for them. Upon arriving in our room, I noticed there were no baseboards and of course the paint etc. is crummy where baseboards are supposed to cover them up. Then I noticed _wire hanging out along where the baseboards belonged_ by the door. That seemed very toddler unfriendly (to say the least), so I requested and got a different room which also had new carpet but also had baseboards. No wire hanging out.

I'll keep you posted as to developments. This is another suites hotel with full kitchen, but not one of our usual brands (Marriott or Hilton). It is cheap ($129/night for a one bedroom) and actually has an oven, which is pretty cool. Often the full kitchen extends to a cooktop but not a full range.

Update: no toilet paper! Okay, like, 12 or so squares. No spare roll! Anywhere! But there was a box of tissue. A call to the front desk produced a very nice woman with two rolls.

R. says he needs to take a screw driver to one of the doors here. I think that means it sticks.

Actually, we're really okay with it. It's a comfortable place with what we need. And we're not questioning the wiring the same way we were at the last hotel we stayed at.
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