walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Worst Shipper in the World!

DHL is still the Worst Shipper in the World!

Today, which is Sunday, I went upstairs to get dressed to leave for Albany (where I am now sitting in the parking lot of the hotel while R. unloads the van and T. sleeps in his carseat. Predictably, he zonked out literally five minutes prior to our arrival). I glanced out the bedroom window and saw an Amazon box sitting next to our mailbox. It was not there last night.

Yes, DHL strikes again! They were late (it was supposed to be second day from Amazon arriving on Saturday) AND not only could they not deliver it to our door, they didn't even bother to go down the driveway. I should add that you can actually see bare pavement on almost the entire driveway at this point.

DHL is still the Worst Shipper in the World! But at least R. got his coffeemaker delivered before we had to leave. For which, yay.
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