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baking, low sodium musings, etc.

No Nutrimill experiments today. However, the loaf of bread from yesterday (the batter whole wheat bread from the King Arthur Whole Grain Baking cookbook) with the air bubble through the middle got converted to croutons today. I very gently heated in olive oil 4 small cloves of garlic that I ran through the press (hence, very gently). With additional oil, I coated the cubes and then spread them on a cookie sheet and sprinkled them with some herbs (oregano, basil, thyme) and pepper.

R. complained vigorously that the croutons were inadequately salty. Well, yeah. Virtually no salt in the loaf and none added thereafter. Duh.

In the wake of this and another conversation, I commented on how hard it must be for people who have to go on a low sodium diet. R. then observed that I'd probably already hit the average compliance level. I then did a little research on what constitutes a low sodium diet and (figuratively speaking) about had a heart attack.

The _goal_ is 2000/day if you already have heart/liver/kidney disease? Jesus. That was an upper limit for me. R. thinks I'm running around half that and while I suspect he's wrong, I'm unable to get the math to support me. Hmmmm.

It's pretty much in the fake butter (organic smart balance is the current pick, which is 100/Tbs), the bread (which is why I'm going after figuring out how to bake a good loaf of whole grain at home, since that would enable me to wipe out the remaining sodium; even Ezekiel has 75 mg/slice and believe me, it mostly gets worse from there unless you want to have the low sodium Ezekiel which is a little blah even for me), including the morning English muffin at about 220, the peanut butter (45/2 Tbsp, so I've cut it but could go lower if I were willing to buy the smaller jars that cost more money, but I'd rather stick with the Costco organic because it's cheap and easy) and ketchup when I have home fries.

The bread is definitely the big bang for the buck right now, especially since I've got workable sodium free baking powder and baking soda for all the rest of the baked goodies.

I'm still trying to figure out why one brand of relish is so much lower in sodium than everything else at the Shaw's. Mt. Olive is mysteriously tasty AND low sodium. Go figure.
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