walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

J. noted that I haven't posted in forever.

So here I am.

Short list of what's been going on. We had to do taxes. *shudder* That was painful. I can't complain, because the pain is the result of very juicy tax breaks (rolling over losses from previous years and similar credits) that unfortunately require us to calculate everything about four different ways. Then the added complication of what return do you use when it says take this number from the previous year's return -- and you just got married a few months ago? Hmmm.

I guess if they want to talk about it, I will respectfully listen.

We threw a party and really cool people showed up and hung out and nobody got drunk or disorderly and I had a great time.

I've been taking German 3 in Pioneer Square at the Washington Academy of Languages. Why is complex. I took French in high school and college, and German in high school. If I had my choice, I'd be taking Dutch, but just try to find group lessons in that. I took German down there a couple years ago, and they contacted me about a 3 class that formed. It's fun. Maybe I'll even get to take German 4 before I can no longer squeeze the Amazing Expanding Belly into the chairs.

That would be me noting the effects of pregnancy. Ooof.

I've been hiking a couple of times, once out to Twin Falls with Christina, and once out to Barclay Lake with R. and Cheryl. Very nice. People were illicitly camping at Barclay Lake. In droves.

Observed Passover with a Seder. That was interesting. R.'s sisters and mother are all married to Jewish men (ranging from not-at-all to son-of-Reformed-rabbi). My previous experience with Passover in this context was "Eastover", in which I got to watch people assemble sandwiches from the Egg Matzoh and the Easter ham. Wow. Two kinds of haroseth, tho, and I was sold. So when we moved out here and it was clear it was make it myself or do without, I figured I'd do it up right. We roped some friends into participating, while carefully making sure we wouldn't offend any of them. I knew Seders involved telling the story of Exodus. I had not fully comprehended the details of the ritual -- or the variations available. Once I did, I promptly sat down and wrote my own. I figure, as an ordained minister, I should probably be doing something spiritual. ;-)

I warned everyone about the four glasses of wine, so everyone could manage their consumption appropriately. We had the obligatory concord grape and a very tasty white Moscato from the Golan Heights. In addition to harosheth, we had lamb shanks and veg, egg matzoh, herbs and salt water, horseradish, salad and of course those awesome chocolate macaroons you can get in a tin. And some chocolate almond bark (because it was kosher for passover and oh so tempting looking). And byrdie even brought some meringues. Yum. J. did a lovely job reading the passages from the JPS Tanakh, and I kept my haggada short. In keeping with its origins in the symposia of Greco-Roman culture, we babbled incessantly on a variety of topics. Lots of fun. Expressions of willingness to do it again next year. Best of all, byrdie and I managed to disturb one of the guests by getting enthusiastic about a comic book adaptation of the story of David that included the foreskins. (EW!)

Looking forward to the new Hitchhikers guide movie. I think my sister is going to have her baby in the next few days/weekish. With any cooperation from the weather, maybe I'll go find out how pregnancy and kayaks get along.
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