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Sunday's Activities Include: roomba, entry mat, triffids, horse, shoes, Applebee's, Crossroads, walk

R. was complaining about stuff on the floor of the kitchen, so I had him run Roomba. He didn't hear -- or understand -- when I asked him to start Roomba in the kitchen. So Roomba did what Roomba does, which is run everywhere but in the kitchen, which is pretty fucking counter-productive, if you want the dirt in the kitchen to be taken care of. R. was skeptical of what I was describing -- Roomba acts allergic to the kitchen and will re-do other rooms in the downstairs rather than do the kitchen, if started anywhere but the kitchen. But he eventually believed me. Which is progress. Of a sort.

I discovered one of the aging entry mats was depositing its rubber backing on the floor. So I threw the mat away and scrubbed up the bits stuck to the floor. Things I Was Happily Unaware Of.

When I sat on the couch in an effort to find the grid schedule for the pool so I could identify a time to take A. swimming this week (I failed, and handed the task off to R. -- he eventually found it, but it took him a while, too), one of the plants tickled the back of my neck. It had been almost doing that for the last couple weeks, but today, I got the scissors out and whacked that Triffid into submission. I also vacuumed back there and trimmed the dead leaves off.

Both kids went to the horse and there were no meltdowns. It was a gorgeous spring day.

T. and I went to Applebee's before the horse (no track for a few weeks). We forgot his helmet and boots and had to go back for them. R. and A. went to Julie's Place for lunch. They didn't bring her iPad and bag of toys, which made her, in her later report to me, Very Sad.

A. and I went to dinner at Crossroads, after picking up some photos at CVS. I printed out T.'s easter bunny photo and one of A.'s photos in her new spring dress, to put in the Easter frames we had from previous Easter Bunny photos.

A. and I went around the block. She scootered; I walked.

T. is allowed to wear shoes -- maybe encouraged to do so -- in martial arts, but they have to be indoor only shoes to prevent damage to the mats. I pulled out my old adidas shoes I used for exactly the same purpose and had him try them on. Fit. Perfectly. Sorta frightening, really, but saves me the trouble of finding him a new pair.
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