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Planet Gymnastics did their kids night out, and my kids and the B. family's kids all attended and stayed to the very end! We didn't really believe this would happen. The four adults went to Red Raven for a really wonderful meal, great service, lovely food and obviously excellent company. We dropped in on the kids at 7:30 or thereabouts, but no one wanted to leave. So they went off to the liquor store to find some Antica. R. and I went home and walked around the block.

Speaking of walks, a mile with R., a mile with M., the big loop (3 miles) with R., and then that last mile with R. 6 miles! I haven't done that many in a day in months. So that was really great.

A. and I made banana bread. She had wanted that, but I made banana muffins so this rectified the lapse.

ETA: How could I forget!?! I had a great conversation with K.