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Thursday's Activities Include: half day, play date, play therapy, WHT

I cleaned part of the fridge today. Trash pickup was today, so part of this was getting rid of food that had been around too long, both somewhat recent, and things with expiration dates last year or earlier. Then, there was enough space that I could see how dirty the glass shelves were. You know where this is going. Turns out tossing out spoiled food with a little extra time on my hands is a Gateway Activity. I'm a little too chicken to pull all the shelves. They are glass, and I have broken fridge shelves before, so I do them one at a time and I don't do ones that look like my accident-proneness is going to interact badly with.

I also made banana nut muffins today. A. complained; she wanted banana bread. Maybe tomorrow. I had the muffins and some cole slaw for lunch, because we had dinner reservations at Woods Hill Table. I managed to refrain from having a second manhattan in favor of a glass of wine with dinner. Dinner was odd, even for me. We had oysters, and then R. had a salad and the chicken and I had the broccoli rabe and the salmon poke. We had bites of each others, but yeah, I had protein and veg for dinner. In my defense, there was some ciabatta bread at the beginning, and we did share a dessert. Which was awesome -- a vegan hazelnut paste and custard and coconut ice cream thing that was kind of incredible. It's so much fun eating things that I have never made -- I'm not saying I don't think I could learn how to make it, but this isn't a case where I'm comparing what I'm eating to what I could produce in my own kitchen. The wine was Ayres Pinot Noir (did not catch the year, if it was specified) from Willamette Valley. It's no Domaine Drouhin, but I love that terroir.

A. had a half day today, and a playdate. The girls laughed a lot, playing with rubber duckies in a house made from magna tiles. Lots of fun! It didn't start out so well -- they were watching the tail end of a Sponge Bob movie, I think, but once they got out the magna tiles, things really picked up.

My walking partner came by towards the end, and we hung out and played iPad games. Both kids had sitters after the play date, which is how R. and I got to go to Woods Hill Table. We had wanted to go to Bondir, but they have a message on the machine saying they are on spring break as of March 27; that's a little ominous. OTOH, restaurants have a tough time (well, the fancy end, anyway) in the spring, so I can't really blame them.

The sitter took A. to play therapy. Then they had dinner at Julie's, and went to Bowladrome. A. wanted to win the Barbie crimp and curl head, but that takes crazy points. The sitter took a picture of the prize, because we've said before that we're happy to buy her a toy that is sitting there as a prize, vs. playing for however many hours it takes to win the thing with tickets. Annoyingly, it is one of those toys that all the stores carry -- but you have to order it from anyone, because no one actually has it on the shelf. Oh well.

ETA: How could I forget! I had a lovely phone conversation with J. A. came home during it but was mostly patient.
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