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Thursday's Activities Include: half day, training, play date, play therapy, Raven, scooter

Both kids had a half day. I canceled my usual phone call with J., which made me sad, but I would have been a wreck if I attempted it because the kids would have been coming home, I would have had to get lunch into A. and I was expecting a phone call from a contractor. In the event, the contractor called while we were en route to the play date.

The play date went well. I wasn't sure how T. was going to be; he's no fan of change. But he hung in there and when we went down to the gym with the half court, he shot a few hoops. All the kids played duck duck goose, and the girls played some other games. We had a nice time.

We went straight home after the play date. I had thought about stopping at Whole Foods, but it would have been tight, and I wanted A. to get some down time before play therapy. A. and I scootered (I walk / ran) around the 1 mile loop. I probably should have put on better shoes. I was wearing some boat shoe inspired crocs, which are perhaps not the best choice for running. Not that I go very fast, but I'm heavy and the impact is noticeable.

The contractor arrived while we were out; he went around back and started measuring. T. had known he was coming, and we've hired this contractor before -- he's a really good guy so I wasn't worried at all. I was happy that T. remembered the don't-let-anyone-in-the-house rule. I'm feeling optimistic that the hand rails on the deck will be much better very soon. We're also going to try to get the deck painted this spring/summer. You know, if it ever stops snowing.

Play therapy went well. T. talked to the therapist for a while, which was nice. Then he left with B. The sitters had both had training that kept them at their regular employment until after 3. I left when the second sitter arrived, to go for a walk with M. By the time we were back, everyone had left and we had a nice half hour to hang out and relax with iPad games. R. arrived (because it was by now after 5). After M. left, we went to Raven for dinner.

I've saved the morning for last. I had intended to run Roomba (I did, in T.'s room and in the master bath) and vacuum the master bedroom (again, I did). But it turns out that vacuuming is a gateway activity. I wound up sitting on the floor of the closet, pulling out all the shoes. I was trying to get at the dust bunnies, but I figured, why not do a little decluttering while I'm here? Bags of shoes left, and I hope to get to the handbags next. Also, a lot less dust now! I even got the bags completely out of the house and to the Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station before all the excitement of the kids arriving home started.

Later in the evening, I went through the hall closets downstairs and bagged up costumes and backpacks that are too small.

I had intended to spend part of the day fiddling with photos, but the CVS website was having problems throughout the day. I didn't get to upload and order photos until fairly late in the evening. I'm trying to redo a small, multi-photo frame I took down from A.'s room to update.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering

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