walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Tuesday's Activities Include: Dutch, MCAS viewing, walk, Julie's Place

R. went to T.'s school to view his MCAS-alt portfolio. He says it was fine.

I had my Dutch lesson. It was wonderful getting to see everyone after a break, and hear about Aruba. I've never been to any tropical islands (other than Kauai and Maui and Oahu, which are an entirely different thing). I sort of want to go, now! The kids are adorable; the older wanted to play tag and the younger is walking and objecting to me looking anywhere but at him. And really, isn't that how we all feel in life!

I had a nice visit and walk with M. and her dog. The kids had a good day at school. A. and I went to the grocery store, then had dinner at Julie's Place. We are continuing to read _The Wizard of Oz_, which is hilariously funny, because she keeps objecting to areas of disagreement with the movie. Really, order of operations matters!
Tags: daily activities

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