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Wednesday's Activities Include: T.'s half day, gymnastics, Roche, lost glasses, Julie's Place, etc.

Wednesday is T.'s half day. I had a walk with M. in the morning, but it was so cold and windy that, at the dog's promptly, we turned back early.

I picked up T. and we went to Starbucks. Then he had gymnastics. We stopped at Roche Bros. on the way home. T. had a sitter; A. did not. However, she did have a play date scheduled. She was really worried when she got home because she'd had a not-so-good interaction with the little girl the play date was with, during indoor recess. We talked about it, and I said, well, whether they cancel or not, you can apologize for your part in this the next time you see her. We worked on that for a while. We had cupcakes. She did her homework. I got out a Disney magazine for her reading homework. And the playdate was not canceled. A. said her apology. The other little girl immediately said she herself had just been having a bad day and everything was fine. The other mother had not even known there was a problem.

This is how friendship is _supposed_ to work. I love it!

After the play date, A. and I went to Julie's Place for dinner. Throughout the afternoon and evening, I was trying to track down T.'s missing glasses. We still haven't found them, but we are not completely out of places to call. R. has ordered a couple replacement pairs. We're going to have him leave one at home and one at school, and if the original shows up, he can continue to carry that around. Also, I found a very plain black messenger bag that he can use instead of his backpack at school and (minus the home log binder and lunch box) to carry his various items around when he is out and about. Perhaps that will reduce the risk of losing things. He doesn't seem to like to keep things in his pockets, but instead takes them out every time he is sitting down.
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