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Tuesday's Activities Include: many walks, cupcakes, equinox reading, a movie

My Dutch lesson was canceled because of frenetic activity getting ready for something later this week on the other side. I was sad, but happy for them because they are going to Have Fun!

I got many walks. I did the 1 mile loop twice by myself, once with M., once with A. She was on the scooter and I was walking/jogging to keep up. We encountered three of the four members of the T. family. A. recognized them and said hi. If there was a response, it was a mumbled one from the father. I also said hello and got nothing back. Well, no one can say we were rude, at least.

A. came home with library books. One was a cookbook. This is a new development. Usually she gets two craft books, and then renews them until the teacher sends home a note saying she wants me to buy them for her, I order them used on Amazon and A. will then give in and get new craft books. I think she is down to the last craft book in that series, so she brought home a cookbook and asked to make cupcakes. I initially attempted to delay this, but then decided we might have enough time before the sitter arrived, but we could at least get out the supplies. Turned out we had everything: box cake mix, paper baking cups, confectioners sugar, food coloring. So we made the cupcakes and then made the white icing. We started to make the colored icing, and when she was making the first one (red) it came out pink. Before she added more, I asked her, do you really want red or do you want pink. Of course, pink! Then before she made blue, I asked, do you really want blue, or do you want purple. I know my kid. She said, purple! I asked, do you want to do what is in the picture in the book or do you just want to do pink and purple cupcakes? Guess what the answer to that was? So we made a pink iced cupcake for her and a purple one for me. I put chocolate sprinkles on mine. She didn't care for the taste of the icing plain (confectioners sugar and water) but she liked it on the cupcake, and wanted to know what it worked that way. That is not an easy answer to come up with. Other questions of the day: why do people say water is blue? And why does the sky look blue? She's _that_ age.

In theory, we had two sitters, and R. and I had a reservation at 29 Sudbury. In practice, T.'s sitter texted saying she had to cancel. Fortunately -- or unfortunately, as the case may be -- I had sent T. off with A.'s sitter. If I had sent A. with her sitter, we could have brought T. to the fancy restaurant, because that usually works out with him and rarely works out with her. However, she didn't want to go and wanted to swap sitters so we had to cancel the reservation and had dinner at Julie's Place instead, which is fine, altho it is surely no 29 Sudbury. (Yes, I called and told the restaurant we were canceling. They were grateful. They are really nice people over there. Maybe we'll go later this week.)

I read _A New Beginning_ and part of Rupert's Tales about Estara to A., thus satisfying her reading requirement for school and satisfying my desire to transmit important family values to at least one of my children at least four times a year. I really like the Rupert's Tales books. I feel very emotional (in a good way) when I read them out loud to A. She really likes them, too.

I ran roomba downstairs and did some other cleaning. I eventually got tired and sat down on the couch and watched the first half hour of Star Trek: Beyond. Wow, did the Enterprise take some damage in that first half hour. For some reason, the idea of the two races arguing over what turns out to be an important thing that one of them stole reminded me a lot of _Home_.

I had a couple brief convos with my sister; I mistimed my first call and then I was at a restaurant when she called back, and then I was really tired when I finally remembered to call her back. Maybe later this week.
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