walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_A Just Determination_ by John Hemry

J. came over the other night (which is a whole other story which I may or may not record for posterity) and while he was here returned some books, borrowed a book and loaned me some books. One, an Ace (oh, bad sign) military SF novel with really pretty obnoxious cover material. Fortunately, as is all too often the case with Ace, the cover material bore little actual resemblance to the contents.

_A Just Determination_ can be described (and, it turns out, IS described on Amazon in their series designator) as JAG in Space. That's exactly what it is. If you (a) like short novels that get where they are going with a minimum of sight-seeing and detours (b) portray human relationships realistically, but without a lot of additional drama (c) enjoy "hard" sf (i.e. no faster-than-light-speed crap), specifically, military sf and (d) enjoy a nice courtroom tale a la Perry Mason or, ahem, JAG then MY GOD BUY A COPY OF THIS RIGHT NOW.

Because it's out of print, the print runs decreased as time went by and it's increasingly hard to get a copy for a reasonable price. And it's really unbelievably good (given the criteria mentioned above).

Unfortunately, either because of the *#%$^@&* aforementioned cover matter, or because people don't appreciate a nice, tightly crafted hard mil sf novel, John Hemry has had to change his name. At least for writerly purposes.

Fortunately, he's enjoying a lot more success now as Jack Campbell. I have the first entry in The Lost Fleet series upstairs. I may actually go read it while I wait for the rest of the JAG novels and the first of the Stark novels to arrive.

I should note that when J. left this with me (and I get to KEEP this copy! Saving me about $12 bucks including shipping for a used copy from Amazon), he did so NOT recommending it. No, while J. will read untold quantities of trashy novels (including, unusual in a man, romance novels, paranormal and otherwise), he was _unable to get through this book_. I don't understand why, nor do I care, but I will say this. The next time J. says he can't get through a book, I'll pay triple digits to land a copy. This sucker paid off. Any of my readers wondering why I bothered should know that I only ever started reading Delany because KC was unable to slog through _Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand_. It's unlikely that _Emotionally Weird_ will pay off, but right now, I'm feeling cocky.
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