walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Sunday's Activities Include: track, horse, Applebee's, walks, tickets

T. had track today, and I got to chat with two women who I really enjoy talking to. When we got home after, I walked with M. and had a nice visit. Then T. and I went to Applebee's. We still had time before the horse, so we stopped at Whole Foods. At the horse, I got to see (other) M., and had a lovely chat with her in my car (kinda windy out in that area). Then T. and I stopped at Roche Bros. on the way home -- a very productive day! R. got a walk when I got home, then I had a walk and a chat with my sister.

My sister-in-law (inadvertently?) reminded me that I could try non-ticketmaster sites for resale, so I finally bought tickets (ouch) for the sold out Ed Sheeran show (still debating whether to try and buy next Friday also). And then R. was trying to convince me that going to the Blue Hills Bank pavilion in the summer would be nice, so I bought Blondie/Garbage tickets for that.

ETA: That second purchase triggered a question from Chase if it was really me. Interesting -- haven't seen one of those in a while. Apparently, they think me buying a bunch of tickets to shows is weird.

Tomorrow is book group, so I'll be reading Agatha Christie tonight/tomorrow.
Tags: daily activities

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