walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Friday's Activities Include: full day of school! one sitter, Julie's Place

Both kids at school for a full day! Amazing! R. worked, because he had a snow day earlier in the week. T.'s regular sitter canceled, but A.'s sitter was available -- but A. didn't want to go out with anyone, so T. and C. went off to see the new live action Beauty and the Beast. They seem to have had a good time. A. and I went to Julie's Place for dinner, which was pleasant. I offered walking each way vs. driving, and A. was game, so we got a little walking time together.

I also got a walk by myself, and one with M. and P. the dog. It was a beautiful day, painfully bright. My replacement Allbirds arrived, which made me happy.

I called my sister for her birthday and sang to her, and we finally figured out something to get her for her birthday. Nice convo! Also a great convo in the morning with K. I'm feeling like things are getting to a nice routine again.
Tags: daily activities

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