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Wednesday's Activities Include: two walks, Julie's Place, delay and one more snow day

T. would ordinarily have had a half day today, but Littleton canceled entirely. A. had a 2 hour delay. I think they were having trouble getting parking lots cleared, not to mention getting teachers and van drivers on site to do things. R. cleared the driveway again, and then A. and T. went out and scraped at it. I poked at it a bit, too.

After A. was out the door, I took care of a couple minor items and then T. and I went to Julie's Place for lunch. We walked, which may have been an error, since the sidewalk plow hadn't been through for most of it so we had to walk in the road which honestly isn't very safe. But it was so nice to be out walking I didn't complain and he was careful.

After lunch at Julie's, I had a lovely phone conversation with K., while T. scraped at the driveway some more. Then the sidewalk plow came through before I had a chance to go after the sidewalks again, so it is all nice now. I took T. to gymnastics, where it turned out R. had failed to pay for last week so I paid for two sessions. Then back to the house to walk with M., meet A.'s bus and turn T. over to the sitter. I think T. and I were both relieved to have other people to hang out with.

I dug A.'s homework out of her backpack. It would have been nice to realize it was in there on Monday evening so I could have had her do it on Tuesday, but there wasn't much to do so we got through it quickly. Then I was hungry (from early lunch/late second breakfast), so I made her dinner and mine fairly early. I had my drink at 4:30, so by the time R. came home I was more or less ready for a walk not too long after. I had been thinking of doing the loop, but not all the sidewalks are cleared yet, so I just did the short loop. It was really cold anyway, or it felt that way.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a normal day all around. Well, it is going to be a half day with a play date, so for suitable definitions of normal.
Tags: daily activities
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