walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Tuesday's Activities Include: IEP meeting, Dutch lesson, Chinese for lunch

It was a busy day. I had an IEP meeting for A. It went well. It was a 3 year re-eval. I commented that I'd done at least 6 of these, and there was initially open skepticism, thinking I meant the annual, rather than the 3 year. I was like, nope, two kids, and we've been doing this since one was 4 and one was 3. Turns out probably more like 7, altho R. has attended some of them. Next year will be more of the same in the same school. However, the current program only goes through grade 3, so after that we'll have to make a decision; we'll likely do that at the next annual, but it might happen sooner if there are case load issues and we want one that might have more competition for space in it and entering a year sooner makes sense.

After that, it was off to my Dutch lesson. We had previously agreed to have the lesson at a Chinese restaurant in Arlington, which was really good. Soup, dumplings, bow, and a couple lunch specials. The eggplant was awesome.

I had a nice walk with M., and then had two sitters, so R. and I went to Red Raven for dinner. They had a house made bratwurst, which was excellent. I don't much care for eating out twice in one day, but honestly, no regrets about this day.
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