walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Sunday's Activities Include: track, no horse, lunch at Julie's, decluttering

T. and I got up somewhat early to go to track. I had a nice conversation with B. and also saw R. who has the same first name as my younger sister, but is NOT my younger sister. We had received a message yesterday canceling the horse for today, due to cold and wind. T. decided to do some decluttering in the playroom. This turned into a pretty big exercise. We got some of the aging bins of toys out of the basement (mostly Lalaloopsy stuff, but some other things, too), and things in and around the bin on the landing on the second floor. More or less everything Hot Wheels left the house.

We went to lunch (all of us) at Julie's, then R. and T. proceeded to Savers, while A. and I walked home. Savers rejected the personal flotation device (with tags and USCG approved) and the light fixture, so we are still trying to figure out where those should go next. But still, a decent volume of stuff left the house. After, I realized I really should move the Disneyland guidebooks along; those went into the trunk of my car. Maybe a library will want them.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering

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