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Thursday's Activities Include: Blue Bayou, making reservations at Plaza Inn

We had a late lunch at the Blue Bayou, despite the closure of Pirates of the Caribbean for refurbishment. We had had some concerns about whether the various atmospheric effects would be on or not and had been told various stories. Obviously, no water noises of hearing the boats go by! And we couldn't see any stars, which was a bummer, but otherwise it felt about like it usually does. The chef came out to help R., J. and I with our various dietary constraints and everyone had a good meal. I stopped at the Stage Door beforehand to pick up A. a power pack so she would have things to snack on.

I had gotten a fast pass for Big Thunder when I noticed the wait time was the same as the fast pass return (this happened _a lot_ on this trip, which I find incredibly confusing). During our wait, I lined up some other activities, and A. inserted a bathroom break in the middle. We went over by the Zocalo and wow, there was a line. We still made it to lunch in time, but it was a near thing.

She also requested a character breakfast at the Plaza Inn. I don't like to do these, because they tend to happen during the nice, relatively quiet time at the beginning of the day, but it was towards the end of the trip and we'd gotten to do basically everything we really wanted to do so I said, sure, if I can make a reservation. I wasn't able to get one for Friday, but I did get one for Saturday.

Since we had a big, late lunch, T. and I went down to the Hearthstone Lounge for chips again, and a drink for me. I'm gonna miss this. It's fun.
Tags: daily activities, disney, trip report

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