walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Tuesday's Activities Include: Dutch lesson, walks, photo uploads

I had my first Dutch lesson in a while! So wonderful to see A.! We walked the dogs. We caught up on our lives. He fed me turkey chili. I felt so good after this.

I also had a nice long walk by myself before heading to my lesson. And a walk with M. after I got back. So lots of exercise today. I also did some photo uploads of the California vacation, and then I figured I should clean up the phone, so I'm uploading last July 4th (yikes!) and then hopefully I will do the Christmas break photos.

A. and I ran errands. I mailed checks for property taxes and car tax. I ran through the car wash. We had dinner at Julie's Place where R. met us.

It's been a productive day -- nothing particularly earth shaking, but nice to catch up on things. Started reading _Upstarts_, but after two drinks at dinner switched to the new Night Prince novel by Jeaniene Frost. A. did her subtraction homework and we did some reading. Then she played board games with papa.
Tags: daily activities
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