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Tuesday's Activities Include: DisneyLand, great conversations in line

Went to Disneyland today. The Hyperspace Mountain -- Star Wars themed space mountain -- is hugely awesome. Waited almost an hour and had a great time chatting with Becky and Bruce originally from Ohio, now in Albuquerque. Retired from teaching school and Sandia National Labs. Also met a lovely family of four from Queens (house destroyed in Hurricane Sandy) while waiting to enter the park. Both parents school teachers. DVC members. They are thinking about Aulani, too.

Met a family of four from Wellesley waiting for the Gadget coaster. A. ran the bubble wand constantly and the kids had a blast. The mother took pictures and emailed me one. Our kids got along great and we're going to try to set up a playdate -- wonderful what can happen in a line!

Also had a nice chat waiting in FP line to ride space mountain again -- LA resident.

Went to build a bear and got a Minnie Bear. Lunch at Galactic Grill. Walked through the castle. A. loved riding the horse drawn omnibus back to the front of the park. She was amazed it was a real horse.

My cousin has sent a letter requesting no contact from his parents and saying he won't be supporting them financially. It's a good letter. I'm thinking about copying the message and using parts of it myself. Our situations have some elements in common (the parents are shunning us, but intruding in our lives with a variety of requests and demands, while being simultaneously unwilling to engage in the most basic elements of a family connection, like, sharing a meal or even talking for pleasure as opposed to for family business such as a funeral, or a request for funds, etc.), but other elements are not shared. I wouldn't wish what we are going through on anyone, but it is kind of amazing to have someone to communicate with and work through the issues with. Doing this in complete isolation, or only with the support of people with no relevant experience, would be much more difficult.
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