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I've been replaced by Crunchy Woman

I'm not entirely certain how this got started, so I'll start telling the story in the middle and go from there. R. and I were discussing how nicely the waffles (whole wheat pastry flour, spelt flour and buckwheat flour) had turned out. We were also talking about baking soda and baking powder replacements that do not involve sodium bicarbonate. This led into a discussion of how tricky it was finding bread that had the right mix of grains, a texture we all liked/were willing to put up with, and were not ridiculously high in sodium. And from there, R. did some moaning about how expensive the little sacks of organic flour are.

Now, the low-sodium baking soda/powder stuff came up partly in conjunction with _Twinkie Deconstructed_ (about which more later, when I've finished it). I knew about Featherweight, having bought it in the pre-potato starch days when it tended to turn back into the rock from which it came. I had recently seen it in a store I don't normally shop at and bought it again. Ener-G makes a baking soda replacement that was a pain to track down and charged exorbitant shipping. There was some moaning on my part about how irritating it was to pay more for an upstream component.

Anyway. Long story short, we got to discussing whether it might be possible to get 50# bags of wheat berries shipped to us. We don't want whole wheat flour, because we'd have to buy a freezer to keep it from going rancid. However, wheat berries will keep indefinitely at room temperature and our basement is (we believe -- we're going to find out, I feel sure) pest-free, solving the storage problem. Assuming we could get that stuff for a non-crazy price with non-crazy shipping, we would then need a mill to convert it to flour, and we'd want a good one that could produce a range of fine/coarse flours. After establishing that (a) such things do exist, and apparently quite good ones for < $300 (after some debate about the WonderMill formerly known as WhisperMill vs. Nutrimill, we opted for the Nutrimill) and (b) Eden Organics will send 50# bags of wheat berries for reasonable shipping, I started ordering stuff. Eden doesn't sell spelt berries, but Bob's Red Mill does, for reasonable shipping. While I was at it, I tried again to find black eyed peas online and this time I succeeded with Sun Organic Farm.

Really, we're doing this for a good reason. We're tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money for tiny bags of flour. And, because they are so tiny, having to buy some nearly every trip to the store. And the black-eyed peas required a trip to a store I don't ordinarily go to, and I _really really really_ want them so I can make those damn fritters I got hooked on at Cafe Flora. It's not like we're crunchy people on purpose.

More by accident.
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