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Sunday's Activities Include: Universal Studios

Second day in the parks. Still drizzling. So much for 10% chance of rain! We went to Universal Studios but got a late start. We had front of the line, which made it easy. A lot of the rides that are 3D in Florida are not in California -- they apparently had problems and took it out?

When we got back, A. wanted to go get a Mickey ice cream bar at White Water Snacks. T. was willing to take her. Even tho they had been bickering a bunch, they were both happy to go together without a parent, and I was willing to risk it. They have charging privileges on their hotel cards and T. has a phone. It all worked out, altho I only belatedly realized that the California side parks have a minimum unattended child age that is older than either of my kids. But we weren't in the parks. *shrug*

I went down to Hearthstone Lounge to get a drink. There was a line. Only At Disney. They have the rye manhattan with the good cherries at this lounge, too. Yay! I tried to get either kid to come down with me, but they didn't want to. Then after my drink arrived, T. showed up. He got a coke, altho we had to switch to a table because children are not allowed to sit at the bar part of the lounge. We had a long chat discussing possible ways to travel to Yellowstone on a future trip. We're leaning towards Jackson, WY for airport, but haven't figured out which carrier and thus which stop in between. Nor have we figured out what exactly we want to do in the park. Adventures by Disney does a Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Dude Ranch trip, but it looks a little too organized for my tastes.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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