walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Saturday's Activities Include: Disney's California Adventure and a disruptive phone call

First day in the parks: it was still drizzling, so the crowds were light early in the day. It was tough getting people up and moving. I went out to buy tickets, because I was still trying to figure out whether there was (a) a DVC discount (no) or (b) an option for more than 5 days (no). While out, T. called me, and I picked him up a bagel at White Water Snacks.

Between the rain scaring people away and being at DCA during the first hour (DisneyLand had extra magic for the first hour, and we missed it, so I opted for DCA instead), we got on the cars ride with minimal waiting. Unfortunately, Luigi's has to be dry to run, so that was down most of the day and we missed it completely. We did do the tractor one, tho -- that was more fun than I thought it would be. A. wanted to try the old skool fast passes, so we wound up doing the racers a second time later in the day -- and had to reschedule dinner at Storytellers to accommodate it.

T. and R. did everything in the park that was open. A. and I were more selective. We did the bug stuff. We went back earlier to rest for a while. We picked up a second fast pass for Soarin' and used that after dinner.

Storytellers was fantastic. We got a "breaker" for most of our meal (someone who covers breaks but isn't yet a full server). She was amazing. T. got the build your own pizza. A. got nuggets and fruit and carrots and celery -- very nice presentation. I had the salmon and spinach salad off the allergy menu. I have forgotten what R. got. We both had rye manhattans -- so happy they have that drink on the west coast!

My father called back with a completely ridiculous story about the Supreme Court upholding the right of a religion to enforce shunning. I've never thought or argued that anyone had any right to demand any relationship that the other person didn't want -- even parental rights over a minor (the obvious edge case) can be relinquished or extinguished. He then suggested we could meet for a visit while I was visiting my mother in the memory unit. I declined -- no way do I have an intention or reason to visit her ever again and it's not like she's there any more to care either. (If she is, that's probably an argument _against_ a visit, given how stressful she found interactions with my sister and I after we quit being JWs.) I said if that was the only way he could see me, then I guess he wouldn't. He spun on a tiny dime and said, no I could visit at the house. I was so startled I agreed, but then said I'd call him back closer to travel dates to figure out a time and got off the phone. My friends have been very supportive and understanding of how deeply freaky this is. One cousin in particular is going through a lot of, why are they so bad at shunning? I'm going to do a modified pop in (call saying I can visit in an hour) in an effort to make it difficult for my local sister to be there. I would like to find out what's going on with her kids, so that I can attempt to connect with them if they are not baptized or if they are df'd / disassociated. It sucks being completely isolated. My younger sister and I are (this actually happened the next day) talking about communicating in writing to our father about what one of our other sisters did to us when we were young. There's two of us, and with our mother no longer able to create a bunch of distracting chaos, we might actually be able to get the point across. If not, well, we'll see what he decides to do with the information. If he ignores it -- two witnesses! -- that tells us what all his rules are really worth. If he decides to believe a denial from the woman who abused us, that puts us in a clear position in terms of bringing home to outsiders just how toxic the situation is. The whole situation was very disruptive of already disrupted sleep.
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