walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Monday's Activities Include: T. home sick, walk, haircut

T. was home sick today with the cold that I think the rest of us have already had. I had my regular walk with M. at 10 a.m., which was nice. P. the dog came with us. I made waffles and cooked bacon. I rescheduled my phone call with K., because I had a 1 p.m. haircut. I left T. at home, since that cut never takes very long and he is Old Enough. A. called after missing three calls in a row. It was really nice to catch up with her; I was getting kind of worried. I also finally got in touch with my sister after playing phone tag for a few days. That was nice -- I got the run down on her most recent IEP meeting for one of her kids.

I'm currently working on getting all the photos from the trip (ride and other pro photos) collected so I can do the bulk purchase code (since I didn't plan ahead, I wound up buying the PhotoPass Collection, which I _think_ was a reasonable choice altho assessing the value of these things is always a little tricky). And I also want to do the catch-up blogging.

ETA: As is often the case upon returning from a trip, T. wants to schedule some more. So we booked a couple weekends in New Hampshire for Storyland/Santa's Village.
Tags: daily activities
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