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Friday's Activities Include: picking the kids up early and flight leaves late

Today we left for California! We picked the kids up at school (well, I picked up T. at Thoreau Club) early. Then we got a ride to the airport. Had we but known, we could have left them in school and let them ride home on the bus, even, because our flight was delayed for over two hours. We checked our bags. We had a leisurely meal at Johnny Rockets, where I panicked because we left the bag of food at security (R. retrieved it; it was all swabbed, apparently). And then we waited at the gate through multiple delays before ultimately departing.

I bought A. a scooter bag (the one I got was by Z Flyte, on Amazon). This is a legit carryon item, which folds down a scooter deck, and the handle for the bag serves as the handle for the scooter. It caused A. to speed up enough so that she could keep up with the rest of us walking fast, but didn't get her or us into any trouble. Lots of double takes, including from airport employees. We heard other passengers saying things like, "Did you see that? It's a scooter!" "The boys would love that!" Etc. Upon arrival, bell services had seen the category of bags online but not yet met anyone with one and they wanted to know whether the airport had any issues with it. No one said anything to us about it, not even at security. I had packed myself carryon only, but the other three had bags, so we did do the checked bag dance on both sides. We did not need a luggage cart, however.

I paid extra for mint, because the flight was a transcon (BOS to LAX). We had the two seat rows, not the "suite". Service was great. A. kept waking up and asking if we were almost there, which was my biggest complaint, but she was really excited. T. wouldn't sleep at all, and kept waking R. up, which was his biggest complaint. They had food choices that I could eat. They had a nice honey infused mint non alcoholic beverage that they were happy to add alcohol to -- I got the bourbon, which was excellent; it was also good with vodka, which R. asked for.

The reason for the delay was weather in LA. Thunderstorms and lots and lots of rain. There were office waste bins being used to catch drips in the jetway when we got off the flight.

The rental car from National was uneventful; I got another white impala, just like in Virginia in December.

By the time we got to the Grand Californian, it was around midnight (local time, so 3 a.m. to us) and we were pretty zombie-tired. The room was refurbished, but next to the refurbishment construction.

I feel like I didn't plan very well. I haven't figured out about PhotoPass in Disneyland; I haven't even bought tickets yet to the parks (altho I do have two days of Universal tickets with Front of the Line).
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