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Thursday's Activities Include: A.'s half day, play therapy, forgotten glasses

A. had her half day. I pre-emptively took a nap in the morning, because I was feeling like I might be getting a cold and I had a headache.

T.'s sitter arrived early (half day for her, too) so she and A. went to Julie's Place where the sitter got one of the servers who is unusually brusque even for Julie's Place. I know the one she means -- there's so little point in getting up set about it, but it is a little frustrating, I know. A. ate, tho, so that's something.

T. forgot his glasses at school (I'm posting this belatedly and backdating -- we won't figure out he forgot his glasses at school until the next day).

I had a 1 mile walk by myself and a 1 mile walk with M. since I had turned A. over to the sitter. It turned out nice.

The play date was canceled due to illness on the other family's side. Play therapy did happen, which was fun. We played Uno Attack. A. wanted me to make chocolate peanut butter pebbles (melted chocolate and peanut butter with mini marshmallows rolled in it then cooled), a recipe she saw on the bag. The recipe called for using the stove for melting and using the whole bag of marshmallows. I balked and used the microwave and a much, much smaller quantity of everything. They weren't bad, altho I like rice krispie treats better for roughly the same amount of effort.
Tags: daily activities
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