walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Tuesday's Activities Include: V-day, 2 walks, finished Steinem memoir, picked up picture

I went on the 3 mile loop, which was probably an error because the Central Street sidewalks are not plowed yet so I was walking in the road. And that's not a very nice road to walk on, in terms of car frequency and driver awareness/behavior. Then I walked with M., and did the 1 mile walk. P., the dog, went with us and we still did the whole thing despite the cold.

I finished _My Life on the Road_, review may or may not follow for a while; book group was moved to first week of next month.

I picked up the photograph I bought R. for the holidays and which we took in to the framers. It turned out really great. It is wide, so I put it in the back seat and seat belted it in on both sides. The trip home was uneventful.

R. got purple tulips and a second batch of purple flowers for upstairs. Very nice! M. got my family a very pretty card that she drew her lady in a long dress in. I feel loved.
Tags: daily activities
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