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Sunday's Activities Include: CVS, bank, snow, Steinem's _My Life On the Road_ NABR

T. and I went to CVS and the bank to run a couple errands before the snow hit completely. He did not have track today because it was canceled, but we were happy to learn that track continues through the end of March, which is exciting.

I'm reading Gloria Steinem's memoir, _My Life On the Road_, which I'm now halfway through and it is amazing. You should read it. I don't care who you are. I don't care whether you even like to read. This book is a blast. I bet it is even better as an audiobook, so if you don't read but can listen, you have an option.

Organizers like Steinem and Obama are wonderful to read, because they personalize everything they are trying to make a general point about, and they almost always do it from a The Joke's On Me perspective. So if you try to go, but even I know better than that, you sound churlish. If you try to go, but that never really happens to anyone, you sound heartless. And if you act like the whole thing is irrelevant, you are only illustrating their point Far Better Than They Ever Could (TM). If you read it and see how the magic is done, well, good for you! Go forth and do more of the same, and you can read the book for tips and tricks.

But if you are a person of good will, it's just an amazing stream of stories making some really insightful points about some extremely sticky situations that are all too common and worth working to mitigate, reduce or even eradicate. I'm really hoping the weather doesn't kill the possibility of a book group discussion about this tomorrow.

I thawed ground beef to make T. another batch of taco meat.
Tags: daily activities, not-a-book-review

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