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Wednesday's Activities Include: T.'s half day, gymnastics, weather forecast, playdate

Wednesday is T.'s half day. I forgot his phone when I went to pick him up. So we went back to the house to go get it, then he had hot chocolate at Acton's Starbucks instead of the one at The Point in Littleton. Nothing weird happened this time ... but I didn't order anything. Seems like everytime I order/go to the Acton Starbucks, something weird happens, so I didn't order anything.

I had a phone call with some advisors, as one will be moving on and the other will be taking over my account. No one is new per se, so this was a very pro forma sort of call.

We tried to go to Whole Foods, but part of our route was closed so we wound up going to Roche Bros instead. As T.'s gymnastics teacher noted, it was a zoo -- what my husband would call a full french toast emergency. Everyone goes to the store to buy eggs, milk and bread when the weather forecast looks grim.

In this case, the forecast was certain enough that schools for both kids actually pre-emptively canceled school by early evening.

A. and I had a playdate at the house with the S. family. The girls all went up to play in A.'s room, so S. (the mother) and I sat at the dining table and chatted. She is such a pleasant woman in every respect. We compared appendectomy stories (A.'s, mine, and it turns out she has one, too).

After the playdate, A. and I went to Julie's Place for dinner. I had the whole clams dinner, which isn't always available, but is usually good when they have it. It was this time. R. joined us.

I turned off alarms before going to sleep.
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