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Sunday's Activities Include: track, phone call, Applebee's, horse, new Wemo

I took T. to track today. I am sad to learn that V.'s family will be moving back to Florida. But maybe we can meet up at Universal or the World on future trips. They are really wonderful people. Fortunately, they won't be moving until after the end of this school year, so we can still have some more play dates.

When I got home, I started making waffles because we were out. I got a phone call with my parents caller id. I only get calls from them when someone is dying/has died/has a potentially fatal health thing going on. So it was with some trepidation that I answered. It turned into a longish conversation with my father about the health status of my mother. I appreciated that he gave me an update. I told him about an upcoming trip we are planning to Seattle and asked if he would like to see me and my family then. He said he would have to check with one of his other daughters and get back to me. I expect that will turn into a "no", given the religious issues (they are still Jehovah's Witnesses and I am no longer), however, a brief visit might be allowed under the heading of "family business".

I don't normally drink during the middle of the day, but that phone call merited a manhattan at lunch. The poor server at Applebee's kept having to come back after I ordered one up with a twist. Lemon or lime twist? Did I want to call the liquor? The drink was fine when delivered, so this should not be regarded as a complaint.

After Applebee's, we went to the horse. T.'s riding partner A. was out sick, but there was a new boy to replace L., who will be riding horses nearer L.'s home in New Hampshire (which is sad -- I liked him and his mother and miss them). T. likes the new kid; here's hoping he becomes a regular part of this activity.

R. ordered and installed a new Wemo switch for my office light to resolve long standing conflict between my desire to have a non-can light on upstairs in the evening when I come up the stairs -- and his desire to turn off lights when he leaves a room. Alexa recognizes it just fine, so I'm happy.

I got to walk with M., and tell her my news. Her grandmother has been ill with Parkinson's for some time and recently broke her hip. She's now in hospice, so M. certainly understands the basic issues involved.

Also, I feel like the chocolate cake we made yesterday was timed absolutely perfectly. Carb buffers are wonderful for unexpected and somewhat disturbing family news.
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