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Saturday's Activities Include: A. sleeps till noon, unboxing AmGirl playhouse, shopkins non-legos

Back in August, when we were at the Cape, I took the kids (at least all the girls) to Toys R Us to buy toys. This year, A. bought a lot of Shopkins stuff, including a Shopkins Town Center or something like that which is basically a not-lego kit. We put some of it together at the Cape and then brought it home where it sat untouched until today. R. took the 1500 piece puzzle he finished apart and reboxed it. I put it in the basement and set the Shopkins thing up. We'll see how long that takes to be fully assembled. I give it the weekend, and maybe one more day and it'll be done.

A. slept till noon, so I worked on the Shopkins thing for a while. Then FedEx dropped of an American Girl box. A. wanted to unbox it; I was hesitant because I wasn't sure if this was going to be a "Some Assembly Required" rolling nightmare. It wasn't -- it was all put together in the box so only a matter of extracting it from protective styrofoam and plastic bags. While A. was sleeping, I went around the house and collected all the Lalaloopsy toys into a bin, thus freeing up space in her room for the new playhouse. I haven't decided what to do with the bin of Lalaloopsy, so if you are reading this and you are driving distance from me, you could tell me you want it and you could probably have it. We have a house, the rollercoaster and a train, along with a storage case with a million small characters and their associated animal companions. There are also two largish dolls and a bed, which is compatible in terms of size with AmGirl/Our Generation type dolls, but stylistically all wrong. And there's a tea set. Really, it is two bins worth of lalaloopsy. No wonder clearing it out left enough space to shelve the last order from Scholastic and some other odds and ends like the enormous plastic rainbow slinkie.

ETA: T. and I went to Crossroads for dinner. Yum. Then we stopped at Roche Bros. for groceries. I discovered Swanson's regular (not organic or anything) no salt added chicken stock ALSO has no garlic or onion (it does have natural flavors, so look out; they claim no MSG). So we now have butternut squash soup in the fridge again. Mmmm.

R. took A. to McDonald's for dinner. Also, A. and I went around the one mile loop. She rode her scooter. I tried out the Kurus. They are pretty good. I had to jog a fair amount to keep up with her.

We finished assembling the Shopkins toy. I'm now contemplating some of the other unopened lego kits in the kids lego storage units. R. would rather do a jigsaw puzzle, but I kinda like legos.

The boys went to the dentist and then Costco. They are likely having lunch, followed by T.'s basketball. Maybe we'll see them this evening.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering

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