walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Friday's Activities include: a walk, lunch at Moe's, framing, Uno, dentist

I went to the dentist today. No news is good news. After that, I met R. at The Point in Littleton for lunch. We went to Moe's, because they had a pretty good allergy chart on their website and supposedly a dairy free brownie. Dairy free brownie turned out not to exist, but I've _never_ seen such diligence in ensuring no cross contamination. The bins set up is not unlike a Subway, so, like Subway, it's possible for cheese to wind up in any/all of the other containers. Moe's handles allergies by ungloving, washing, regloving, and then using bins that haven't yet been deployed. I am _sold_ on this.

I got the Band Camp (all veggie/no meat) Bowl with guac. It was tasty. I liked the cilantro lime rice, and I tried a couple different salsas from the salsa bar with the chips. Lunch was filling and not very expensive. I'll happily go back.

Then we went to Acton Framers to have R.'s holiday present framed. After that, I walked with M. Then the kids got home. T. is super excited and wants to buy tickets for Lego Batman _now_. It is not until next week. We _could_ buy tickets at Solomon Pond, but I don't think you can buy them at Burlington yet. I'll have to discuss with him when he wants to see it and maybe talk to the sitter, if he wants to go with her. I'd rather all four of us went together on a weekend day, because I am pretty sure we all want to see it.

A. wanted to buy Uno Attack and the Jackpot Uno; they arrived today. I played a couple times with her. Then R. played with her. And now we're all sick of it and she still wants to play.
Tags: daily activities
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