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Thursday's Activities Include: A.'s half day, no play therapy, basketball, dinner at Julie's

I had a nice conversation with J at noon today. My walking partner M. works on Thursday morning, so we visit in the afternoon. Because it was A.'s half day, she was home, and because A. has had a bad cold, we stayed in and played iPad games. Also, I canceled her play therapy because, aforementioned cold. She did go to school today and made it through the entire (half) day. So there's that.

T. wanted to go to a basketball game at his school. This is the teachers and students game he participated in last year. Apparently, they let him try to shoot a couple baskets this year and he got at least one and won a t-shirt. His school is so awesome. His sitter brought him, and R. traded off a little after 7 so he was there to see T. sink a ball. Good times happen unexpectedly.

A. and I went to Julie's Place for dinner. We had a waitress we hadn't seen in a long time. She was in a bad car accident years ago, and it took a long time for her to be able to walk again, much less work. I was so happy to see her again, but what a horrific thing to have happen. I'm glad modern health care got her back up and walking again and that she was able to access that health care.

I downloaded Mickey's Typing Adventure on the Mac, because A. wants to learn how to time. Basically, if you remember your old typing or keyboarding class, pretty much the same idea, only instead of one of those books that hangs off the edge of the table, the screen is split in pieces, one part shows the text you are to type, another part shows animated hands positioned correctly and with a highlighted finger. It's pretty awesome, altho a bit long-winded in the style of Myst-era personal computer gaming. T. is apparently too old for Mickey, so I may have to find him a different typing game, but I did send email to his teacher to see if maybe she could sell him on it.
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