walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

toddler language development

First, I'd like to thank everyone who patiently listened to me worry about T.'s language development (or lack thereof). I'd like to thank the people who observed that I could get free language assessment and therapy through the schools, particularly since _not one single person_ pressured me into actually doing so. I'd like to thank the people who observed that their children (or some other child they knew) had [insert salient language delay here], and while they had (no) therapy, everything worked out just fine, particularly since _not one single person_ pressured me into either getting T. assessed or NOT getting T. assessed.

Finally, I'd like to thank J., who in addition to doing _all_ of the above, spent a few hours several days a week (while taking T. off my hands in general, and also providing the cheapest therapy in the world) patiently encouraging T. to use words.

Ooops, one more: I'd like to thank _Super Why_. Angela Santomero rocks. I mean, we knew this, because the Blue's shows are/were amazing, but come on. _Super Why_ is toddler crack.

Oh, wait, one more: I'll shout out Leap Frog, for their amazing Fridge Phonics letters.

For whatever reason (internal timeline, J.'s help, TV shows, whatever), T. has started using words. You can ask him if he wants juice and he'll say juice. You can ask him which kind and he'll say app, which means apple. And he means all of it. He'll even suggest TV. And today, he lined up a bunch of letters on the fridge, and proceeded to (mangle) A-B-C-D-E-F-G. But in a way that both J. and I understood. The letters he was pointing to were in a line, weren't oriented up uniformly and weren't the ones he was saying, but who the fuck cares.

Best of all, when he crawls up on the couch and looks at my shirt expectantly and I ask him what he wants, he says "B? B!"

Baby got word.


Also, today he said, jok, which I eventually realized meant chocolate, as in, get me down the chocolate chips woman, this blonde brownie isn't doing it for me.
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