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Monday's Activities Include: no walks, hanging out with sick kid, rental house observations

I didn't go on any walks today. My daughter was home sick. We mostly watched TV, played iPad games and just hung out. We went to the bank and got some cash and a lollipop, and that was pretty much the excitement for the day.

The rental house I had a request out for turned out to be suffering some confusion about the date. I was clear -- but no one ever looks at the year, so if you say Month, Year, and the Year isn't this year but next year, and the Month is in the future of this year, everyone assumes this year. So if I say, hey, what about November 2018, everyone reads November 2017 (just an example -- not the actual month in question). I've had this happen before with other rental houses.

This was a bummer, because it is another situation where there's a family event, and I want a place as close to the event festivities as possible. And I found a great place a mile and a half down the road. Not as amazing as the LBI house from T-weekend (that was an easy walk for my daughter, about a quarter mile), but not bad at all, considering the rural area. Alas, turns out they'll be taking it off the market after this summer to do renovations and maybe live in it themselves. More power to them. Sheep! (Did I mention rural?)

I wasn't that enthused about the other stuff close in, so I started poking around looking for a regular hotel; alas, the nearest Courtyard only takes reservations a year in advance, so I put on the calendar to make a backup reservation there this summer. After the fiasco that was trying to get a rental house in the DC area last December (multiple fails due to non-response and/or calendar inaccuracies by the listing person), I figured I'd rather go with something a bit more corporate.

And that leads me to the observation (I found a really great place -- a rental home associated with a resort). For a long while after the bust, the big theme was "The Sharing Economy". Letting people rent your car. Uber. Lyft. AirBnB. etc. And it was really great for a while. But more and more, I'm finding that everyone lists on multiple services, and doesn't keep the calendar up to date. They don't respond very quickly. When they do, it's always sort of a, oh, sorry, that doesn't work for us. Even when I _do_ rent from someone and have a good-to-great experience, if I try to re-book with them or give their info to someone else because they want to book with them, a lot of the time they aren't listing anywhere any more.

"The Sharing Economy" made sense when it was tough getting a regular job: regular hours, enough of them, for enough money. The unemployment rate is down in a lot of places. And the underemployment numbers are even finally coming down some. It isn't perfect everywhere, but unfortunately for me, it's Good Enough that a lot of the people who were being such amazeballs hosts at these places apparently have other things to do now.

Back to hotels and resorts for me.

ETA: The concert planning continues apace. Bandsintown is a great app for helping find out about shows early enough so you don't find out about a show at the point when your only really good options are resale.
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