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Friday's Activities Include: 2 walks, lunch at Sichuan Palace, waffles

Play date was canceled (sad face -- I really love hanging out with this family. The dad was in our wedding. We attended their wedding. Their kids are adorable, and they are all sweet and loving to each other. Their daughter is an inspiration. When there is any kind of disagreement, she'll carefully figure out what everyone wants and try to come up with something that will make everyone happy), so we had a quiet evening at home. T. had dinner at Via Lago with his sitter. I got two walks, one long one by myself and one with M. R. and I had lunch at Sichuan Palace and I went full on unhealthy, enjoying the tangerine beef with fried rice. Yum. Dinner was chicken salad and cole slaw, so maybe it evened out, but I don't really care.

I made more waffles today. A. and I are having them for breakfast pretty steadily, and it's so nice to have them. I can hardly believe I stopped making them for years and am so happy to be back in the groove.

A book I bought used because new and kindle were both over $80 (but I could get it for a penny plus $3.99 in paper used) arrived and I started reading it. I'm somewhat dismayed, but will persist for at least a little while.

R. finished the 1500 piece puzzle I laid out earlier this week. I'm a little stunned. I think I maybe put a dozen or so pieces in. He has asked that I wait a little while before setting up the next one, and he has committed to actually letting me have a shot at it. In his defense, I really did ignore it a lot after sorting out the edge pieces.

Oh, and I hassled T. about hanging up his coat and putting his boots away and so forth. He hassled me right back. So A. decided to show him how it's done, and put her shoes away. By the time T. returned later in the evening from going out with the sitter, he very cooperatively put his things away. I don't know why people love babies so much. Kids are so much fun when you get to argue with them when they are this age.
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