walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Thursday's Activities Include: play therapy, a long walk, a visit, Uno Attack, school play

A.'s 2nd grade had a school play. She was an alligator. Rather than have a chorus and a few kids with parts on stage, this school does everyone on stage, getting up in small groups of a half dozen or so to sing and speak their part of the show. There's a group of three with lines that provides the plot advancement. This is a great system. Everyone gets some time in the spotlight, and no one is in the spotlight alone. I love it. I brought her home after, so while my walking partner visited, I wasn't able to walk with her.

A. had play therapy today. We played with slinkies on the stairs. We talked about her meltdown yesterday afternoon at the arcade. I talked to the therapist about my theory of patience and self-regulation (probably should post about that at some point). Therapist brought Uno Attack, and we played that a couple times. That was fun.

I had a nice long walk by myself, stopping at the post office to mail a check. I made a chicken veg and pasta thing for lunch. I made butternut squash soup in the evening, and chicken salad.
Tags: daily activities
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