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Wednesday's Activities Include: T.'s half day, gymnastics, NCIS homage to ledges

I watched Tuesday evening's NCIS episode. It was one of those focus-on-a-minor-character episodes with a bunch of clips from previous episodes. It was also an homage to all those shows in which someone is on a ledge thinking of jumping and someone talks them back in.

As a focus-on-a-minor-character episode, I really enjoyed it. I like Palmer. And the ending was fantastic (spoiler: he gets a Gibbs hug! Happy tears. A great moment in a good show). As an homage to shows with people on ledges, it really got me thinking. Like, about what kind of person hangs out on a ledge and wants to chit chat rather than jump, attracts a huge crowd, and nearly gets someone killed who was just trying to help, while consuming lots of resources in the form of police, fire, a closed off road, etc. Yeah -- I don't know why I never realized that before. In this case, the show was written so well, it was crystal clear that not only was the person on the ledge that kind of person, but he got it in the usual way (from a parent -- in this case, his dad), and a bunch of the people around them engage in the same kind of black and white thinking. So, kudos for being a very plausible theory of people on ledges. Painful and irritating to watch.

T. had a half day. He had a nice time at gymnastics. It was a ton of fun watching S., who wanted to thumbs down a song on Pandora, swing over the partial wall between the observing area/lobby and the gymnastics area, hit the button, then swing back over, to return to the counter and go back to work doing whatever administrative stuff she had been doing. All while in street clothes. You can tell she's a hell of a gymnast, because she wasn't trying to impress anyone. For her, this really is way easier than walking around through the gate. For reference purposes, the wall is about the height of my ribs, and she's about the same height as I am.
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