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Tuesday's Activities Include: 2 hour delay, cancels, playdate, Dutch, Big Ben

Today, T.'s school was canceled. Fortunately, he woke me up around 9:30, so I could get A. going for her 2 hour delay. He noticed that Trolls the movie was available to watch so he did. When I told him after I got up that it was available, he said, I already watched it! Of course he did. He also preordered Moana and Sing!, which gave me pause, but I would have said yes if he asked, so I figured that was okay. Of course, I said all that out loud, and then needed to explain it.

T.'s babysitter came, and after that, A. and I went to her friend's place for a playdate. That was nice. They made bead necklaces and bracelets and ate popcorn. Very calm and pleasant. The friend's dad makes super cool model airplanes with cameras and flies them. Not from kids, either -- like, buys balsa wood and does the designs himself apparently. People have amazing skills.

T. wanted to know a bunch of stuff about an upcoming trip. We were also talking about London, because he has been asking where various movies he watches are set. Both kids want to see Big Ben, so I was like, how about we go to London in a couple years. They are all over that.

In the meantime, T. wanted to know where we are going on the upcoming trip. So I wrote down the names of various places, so he could figure out the routes. That'll be handy, because on some trips, the car's GPS is not in English, and that's okay, but not optimal when trying to figure out a poorly signed rotary. Also, once A. realized that they speak Dutch in the Netherlands (we've been over this before, but it really stuck this time) she wanted to do Dutch in Duolingo. It doesn't make up for canceling the Dutch lesson because of my fear of driving on icy roads (plus having T. for the day), but it's Something.

Fun day. T. and I had lunch at Julie's Place. We dropped some bags at the middle class guilt reduction station while we were there; they'd been in the car for a while and T. noticed them. I had the chicken under biscuit for dinner. I did laundry and ran dishes, so the place isn't perfect, but it isn't any worse than it was yesterday. R. worked on the jigsaw puzzle, so some of the edge is now assembled.
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