walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Monday's Activities Include: a walk, hanging out, 2 phone calls, cooking, smoke alarm

I got a 3 mile walk by myself, as it snowed harder and harder, making me question my judgment in being out in it. I got back just in time for a 10 a.m. walk with M., but she had too much sense to want to walk, so we hung out instead. I worked on the puzzle for a bit. I had 2 phone calls, one with K. and one with A., both very nice. I made chicken under biscuit with the chicken from the roast bird and the stock from same. Alas, it was slightly too big and some of the sauce snuck out the side, dribbled down to the bottom of the oven and set off the smoke alarms. *sigh*

R. and I had dinner at Not Your Average Joe's, because we had two sitters. A.'s sitter got her to do her math worksheet for this week's homework. R. read some of a book about Julia Child to her for her reading homework.

My renter had the electrician out to deal with some lighting issues; one of them was resolved easily, the other will involve putting together an estimate and scheduling the work to be done. Weird to be close to two decades out from a remodel and thus needing to replace some components. She also noticed that there was some softness around one of the toilets, so I had her turn off the water to the toilet and she contacted a plumber who will come out tomorrow. Roomba did the upstairs hall and T.'s room. I vacuumed the two bathrooms and the master suite.
Tags: daily activities
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