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Saturday's Activities Include: Monster Trucks movie, McDonald's, Basketball, Whole Foods

T. and I went to see the Monster Trucks movie at Burlington. A. and her sitter had seen it last Monday and said it was good. Executive summary: high school student Trip in bf nowhere North Dakota discovers a critter which has escaped from a wellhead. Two others are in captivity by the oil drilling outfit. There's a dad working for the drillers and a stepdad who is the sheriff in the picture, and Trip's boss at the wrecking yard. Also, Meredith, biology tutor and potential romantic interest. Antics ensue. Just the whole idea of a movie set in North Dakota is a little mind boggling, and the idea that a movie involving monster trucks is also pro-environment in a North Dakota context is ... extra special mind boggling. Weirdly awesome; potential to become a cult classic along the lines of Tremors. And the people making this film clearly figured that, because Trip is played by a young-Kevin-Bacon-clone. The microwave popping open is entertaining if implausible. Trip opting for a bigger wrench is mildly hilarious.

After the movie, we swung through the McDonald's drive through, then went to the elementary school in Ayer for basketball. We only just found out about this organization, so T. missed the first couple sessions, and he isn't in the early session with his classmates. But he seemed to have a really nice time and it's a slick operation. They have really figured out how to convey the game to kids who you wouldn't think could be taught it, and they know how to step in with support without taking it over. I'm in awe.

We tried to go to Julie's Place for dinner, but it was closed due to "mechanical problems". We did some grocery shopping at Whole Foods, so I have a chicken roasting for eating off the next week, and hopefully I'll be able to make some stock from the bones to make butternut squash soup again. I haven't been able to find the low sodium, no onion stock again at Whole Foods, which is a bummer.

If the horse cancels tomorrow, T. and I are going to see Hidden Figures.
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