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Friday's Activities Include: 2 walks, Bondir, sitter, housecleaning, phone call

After A. was off to school, and I drank some of my tea, I went for a walk. A nice long walk, with my charged up wireless bluetooth headset that I haven't used in weeks if not months. All by myself. It was glorious. I listened to the 2016 Lumineers album which I bought earlier in the month but only just now got around to listening to. It is perfectly fine, altho not as brilliant as their previous album.

It's a little late for New Year's Resolutions, but I am really going to make a point of protecting my routines this year.

I also had a nice walk with M. in the afternoon.

In between I _was_ going to take myself out to lunch, however, I found out that A.'s sitter was available, so instead I made reservations for two at Bondir for dinner and had a sandwich and cole slaw for lunch. Then a little later, T.'s sitter canceled, leaving me with a dilemma. Bondir serves a burger and fries, so I figured we could take T. with us. I waited until he got home, and he agreed to go with us, so I called and added a third to the reservation (which was fine because they had us in a booth). In the event, they were out of Punt e mes at the bar, so no Belmont Stakes. I had a Manhattan with Bulleit Rye which was delish. I had the venison sausage. T. had the steak (really! His first!). R. had the mutton, which was probably the best of the three.

I have pre-emptively adopted my policy from 2001-2008 of just avoiding listening to a certain man speak, so I had a bit of a problem finding something to listen to on TV while I did some housecleaning. I chose _Suicide Squad_, and I really don't get how that thing avoided an R rating but I'm sure glad I didn't take T. to go see it. Yikes. Funny, tho. "I want you to white people that shit." Hilarious. Really makes you like Dead Shot, hearing him talk about his daughter's future that way.

I had a wonderful phone convo with my friend K. I caught her up on my drama. She caught me up on her drama. We noted some parallels. We talked about other people in our past who had similar characteristics. We discussed what we probably need to do as a society to make this all better. It was awesome. Also, she told me about her most recent outing to her book group and I thought to ask when their April meeting is. I put it on the calendar and am super excited to visit her book group for one meeting.

T. and I have tickets to a movie tomorrow (Monster Truck) and he has basketball. Should be a fun day.

Oh, and T. asked this afternoon if he could go for a run. He put on his running clothes from his aunt A. (holiday presents), which he used for track last weekend. He says he did the one mile loop. Kind of awesome! I love that I have a kid who asks to go for a run; that makes me feel really good about how his life is going to be.
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