walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

to misquote Keith Olbermann. . .

DHL is the Worst Shipper in the World!

I understand it's a bit snowy and slippery out there. That's why I spent about an hour chipping away at the driveway and walkway so that the inevitable deliveries of stuff (especially Christmas stuff) ordered online would not result in a slip and fall. The other day, after dark (which comes early around here this time of year), I saw a person headed down my driveway on foot, which was kinda weird. It being dark, I only noticed when I saw a head occlude a neighbor's light across the street. I wasn't looking, just caught it out of the corner of my eye. While I was busy musing over how humans are programmed to be aware of stuff like that without any effort at all, I went out to see who it was. It briefly occurred to me that maybe I should be worried about someone walking down my driveway after dark, but I immediately realized it must be the UPS guy, who generally parks on the street and walks down the drive. Sure enough, package delivered. I like the UPS guys. Not just because they have nice calves, either, altho they uniformly do.

By contrast, today I didn't notice the unmarked white van in my driveway until it was driving away. Then I got to wondering what the hell that was about (this was around 3 p.m. and therefore still light outside, if what you get in Brookline, NH on a cloudy winter afternoon can be considered light). Out I went in T-shirt, socks and REI technical pants (the fluffy kind -- I'd been clearing ice and snow from the drive earlier as you may recall from a paragraph ago, and removed the top layers when I came in and overheated). No package. Yet, I wondered, and I went to look at the drive and garage doors. Sure enough, on the ground, _between the garage doors_, lay an Amazon package. Already damp from the slightly melted snow. The black drive, once partially exposed, does help melt the snow, even in low light.

Had I left it there until it was discovered (hopefully not by someone driving over it), it would have been soaked and, probably, refrozen.

Hence, DHL is the worst shipping company in the world!

But we like us some UPS and I'm neutral to negative on FedEx.
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