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Tuesday's Activities Include: Dutch lesson, walk with M., house cleaning, one sitter

We had one sitter, for a somewhat shorter time this afternoon. I got to have my Dutch lesson! That was nice. We walked the dogs. We chatted and caught up with each other's family dramas, which is always really enjoyable. We watched NOS Journaal. A. fed me a lovely salmon lunch with capers and lemon and cumin and I think bell peppers. Super tasty! Lekker!

I had my walk with M. I had caught her up on the most recent news the previous day. P., the dog, had an upset tummy so did not join us. I watched some TV and did some vacuuming and ran the new Roomba downstairs.

I had a chance to talk to the other sitter (I caught one yesterday) about the most recent news, so I now feel like everyone who really needed to be updated has been. I feel a little more settled; when I get caught up on the house cleaning, and get a chance to have my W/Th/F chats with Seattle friends, I think I'll have gained enough perspective that I might choose to share a little more about recent developments.

It is amazing to me, sometimes, how much the world changes when I'm not really paying attention to some aspect of it. I've found myself explaining over and over again to people around my age that the way schools handle bullies and bullying today is drastically different from our childhood, never mind our parents' childhoods. Turns out that isn't the only change. We live in a better world in so many ways, but the changes have been so small they can be invisible to us. And because so many of the people I know and love have basically progressive orientations, we are more focused on the changes that still need to be made, we sometimes fail to appreciate how many changes have happened already. For example, I was pointing out to my sister how stalking and harassment and prank calls were handled so very differently in our childhood vs. now, and what we really need to do is to move some of those changes into the online world. We were talking about the national discussion going on about twitter and similar places online where People Behave Badly and Expect No Repercussions. But it turns out, that having a powerful person behave badly in our society DOES NOT always turn into permission for everyone else to behave badly. Sometimes, it leads to a state change, as we all suddenly recognize that that is Not OK, and we create structures of social enforcement to get people to be more civil.
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