walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Monday's Activities Include: parenting research, sitters, lunch at Fishbones, book group

T. and his sitter saw Rogue One (second time for him) in 3D. I'm slightly jealous. A. and her sitter went to see Monster Truck, which was apparently a lot of fun.

I spent some more time doing research on how to handle secret keeping in young children (especially young children like mine, who are very literal minded, and who probably can't manage complicated rules about what kinds of secrets are safe and which ones are not safe). A larger post on the topic may follow. I also spent a bunch of time reading some really entertaining long comments threads and articles on how people handle friendships ending. I know, in principle, that everyone has very different friendship styles, but I think this is the first time I did a really deep dive to understand what other people were expecting and weren't getting that caused the relationship to end. Lots of eye openers. Compatibility is really important in ways I hadn't previously considered.

R. and I had a nice lunch at Fishbones. I had the tuna (sushi grade) sandwich.

It was a small group at book group, but we had a really enjoyable discussion of Kiernan's _Hummingbird_.
Tags: daily activities
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