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Saturday's Activities Include: Boston Auto Show, Via Lago lunch, ice skating

I got up later than T. and I had planned for the car show. I still can't remember the last car show I went to. It might have been something in Las Vegas; then again, maybe I haven't been to an auto show in two decades and the last one was at the Tacoma dome. Either way, things haven't changed much -- there are fewer paper brochures, and the line to buy tickets on site is short because everyone bought theirs on their phone or at home and printed it out.

I got to see an actual Bolt, which is what I was interested in. T. was excited to get to sit in the driver's seat of a lot of different cars. The controls on the Bolt are definitely headed in an i3 like direction, as are a lot of cars this year: a couple screens replacing many, many different gauges and things like that. There are 3 seat belts in the back seat of the Bolt, however, which is a big difference from the i3. The car is looks good, and the finish seems okay. Tons of leg room front and back, and no risk of hitting your head on the ceiling -- I checked with the really tall man who was checking it out. I'm going to wait until summer, but I think I want to test drive the Bolt, and watch some Real People Reviews go by to find out what it is like to own one.

The Prius Prime is sort of interesting looking. The Leaf has acquired some odd styling quirks (not a bad thing) around the front lights and I swear the trunk on that thing got even bigger (hatch? Not sure what to call it).

We stopped at Via Lago for lunch. It's counter service for lunch apparently. I also learned that while the Lexington parking lot is $4 for all day, if you stop at the kiosk on the way out, they'll reimburse you if you were there less than 4 hours or 5 hours or whatever. In any event, I parked in the lot, gave them $4, and they gave me $3.50 when I left, so I think that works out to cheaper than a meter. I hadn't realized that and had never collected the reimbursement on previous visits, so if you haven't either, you might want to stop on the way out and show the receipt and see if it gets you anything. I have no idea if that is all week or just Saturdays.

T. and R. went ice skating. A. and I played some card games with the deck of cards with emojis for suits that she got at McDonald's with her happy meal when she went with R. War (the deck calls it Capture), Concentration and Go Fish.
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