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Sunday's Activities Include: lunch at Bertucci's, Rogue One

We slept in. A. went to bed last night complaining her throat felt funny but it is better today. Hopefully it was just allergies.

T. and I went to Solomon Pond Mall and did a little shopping. We got some books, and some things at Gymboree for A. Then we had lunch at Bertucci's and went to see Rogue One. I was of two minds about taking T. to it. He has seen all the animated stuff out, and Fantastic Beasts (and has seen Sing twice, even); this was kind of the remaining movie out that I wanted to see and would consider taking him to.

Despite the fact that I really don't much care for stories where Everyone Dies (and boy howdy does everyone die in this one -- that's not a spoiler. A New Hope has been out for almost 40 years and this one is the lead up to that one, so come on. You know everyone dies), I really got a kick out of this one. The heist element, the constant in jokes, OMG Star Wars land got a Marvin like robot that can kick some serious ass!, the generous re-use of scenes from A New Hope and/or reconstruction of characters from A New Hope -- heck, the fact that Cassian's shirt is the same style as Han's. And the blind Jedi dude straight out of a wire fu martial arts flick.


I probably don't have the proper attitude towards this film, but I really felt like at the end, we were on Bikini Atoll with the H-bomb test, watching some kind of weird star crossed lovers dying together thing. Just amazing. Also, Saw Gerrera's death. You could absolutely see that he'd had some sort of vision and knew that if he went with Jyn, he'd slow her down and they'd never escape the destruction of Jedha, and he just didn't bother to explain that all but shoo'd her on her way.

It's a very operatic movie, full of people who have serious regrets about the choices they have made, and cannot possibly imagine living a peaceful life under a regime they don't approve of. So off they go in search of a good death, which this movie delivers in job lots.

Not _normally_ my thing, but every once in a while, I'll make an exception.
Tags: daily activities, movie review
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