walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

What's up with Facebook ads?

Especially since the start of the year but, to be fair, possibly somewhat before that, Facebook ads have been for things I actually want to buy. And I don't mean, serving me ads for things I searched for, looked at a detail page for, and then decide either not to buy at all, or at least not to buy right now -- you know, you go look at a handbag on eBags, and you are stalked by ads for it on all sites you visit for the next week? Wait, that's never happened to you? Never mind then.

Anyway. The most memorable purchase recently was for Hickie's, a little silicone or something device that lets you replace the laces in shoes with something you can then just pull on. I had no idea these existed, but as soon I did, my next question was, does it come in pink? And once I knew it did, I bought it within minutes. There have also been a variety of unsuccessful attempts to purchase (all clothing that doesn't come in my size, basically, at least, unless I want to buy men's sizing which I don't always care to do). That is hardly Facebook's fault. That's the fashion industry's fault for not wanting to make stuff in sizes larger than 16.

After years of being alternately offended or amused by FB ads, to suddenly discover I look forward to the ads because I find stuff that solves longstanding problems (don't even get me started on my daughter's shoe issues), stylishly, for not too much money -- well, color me surprised and pleased.

So, what's up with Facebook ads?
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