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Friday's Activities Include: waffles! Cookware, etc.

While I was down in Virginia visiting my sister, we did some cooking together, which went incredibly well. Even in a somewhat small kitchen, incredibly well. Not, well for the holidays in a small kitchen. Like, it was really fun cooking with her.

Anyway, because the turkey was done early, we had to hurry the sides along, which we mostly did using some Pampered Chef microwave steamers she got at the thrift. They are quite awesome, and they got me thinking. I didn't want those steamers, because I have BPA paranoia, but I started poking around at what we had. We have a handled Pyrex/visions sauce pan with a handle and a pour spout, that is incredibly inconvenient. Yes, it goes in the microwave and on the stove. However, because of the handle, it won't actually turn in the microwave (well, not ours anyway) without bumping along the sides, and even so it has very little volume. The pour spout does allow steam out, but it's kind of huge versus the steam hole that I was looking for.

So I went on Amazon and ordered a silicone steamer (round Orka) and a ceramic pot with a lid with a hole in it. They are both really nice looking. I hadn't bothered to track down the sauce pan mentioned above, but today when I got the waffle maker out, I spotted it. R. was initially convinced it would work in the microwave. He fiddled with it for a while and conceded that, no, it really was going to bump along the sides (hey, voice of irritated experience here). I also remembered an oven casserole (?) that was oven and microwave and freezer (but not stove top) save. But it has this weird recessed handle on the lid that ALWAYS burns my fingers. It has narrow holes for your fingers to grip it, which doesn't work with a hot pad or oven gloves. I've even tried tongs, but I'd need rubberized tongs to get a grip. I have no idea who designed this thing, but if I ever find them, they are going to get a piece of my mind. Also, the floral pattern. *shudder*

So those two are going away, making space on the pull out trays in the cabinet for the new items which will, hopefully, prove much more useful.

Also, the waffles were wonderful. I even found blueberries in the freezer to go on them.
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